Scripts By spinlock

  • New-TempFile.ps1 by spinlock 21 Apr 2011 07:01 AM UTC
    by 2 users

    Advanced Event 10

    Returns a temporary file name. If the -InputObject parameter is specified (or piped in), the contents are written to the temporary file. Accepts and acts upon -whatif, -encoding, -verbose -debug parameters Allows the user to specify which directory the tempfile is to be created in. Optionally displays the contents of the temporary file in notepad once completed (-ShowInNotepad)

  • get-LogFileName.ps1 by spinlock 20 Apr 2011 10:22 PM UTC
    by 2 users

    Advanced Event 9

    Meets and exceeds all the design points. Even checks that the directory exists, and is a directory and not some sort of leaf container.

  • ConvertTo-PicstoEmail by spinlock 19 Apr 2011 08:13 PM UTC
    by 2 users

    Advanced Event 8

    The less said about it the better. Didn't get the time to do much on it's my shameless attempt to garner points by uploading something, rather than nothing. Loads the Modules - and points the user to where they can be downloaded from if not installed. Puts little bit of a framework picture up but not much. Taught me that if possible Powershell should stick to not graphic approaches as it seemed very unreliable - WPK crashed frequently.

  • search-twitterUser by spinlock 18 Apr 2011 09:27 PM UTC
    by 2 users

    Advanced Event 7

    Pulls username to real name mapping from a supplied Web page. Caches the results in a CSV file, which then is used to allow the user to lookup twitter names from their real name, and vice versa. The cache is updates if it is older than a day (configurable by parametes daysOld) Uses Reusable functions - temporary file creation, and ensures that files is deleted. Include Integrated help with multiple usage examples. It is not short - but lots of checking of I/O.

  • get-TwitterName.ps1 by spinlock 14 Apr 2011 11:33 PM UTC
    by 2 users

    Advanced Event 6

    Pulls twitter names from networking web page. In addition to the spec of the event (and meeting the extra points criteria) it also allows for the returning of user's full names (as held on the networking page), and allows the user to specify the output format CSV (more useful if geting usernames as well), and XML, as well as text, and choose encoding, force, and noclobber. See the comments at the end for testing references - or the examples in the help.

  • get-SystemCompatibility by spinlock 13 Apr 2011 09:13 PM UTC
    by 2 users

    Advanced Event 5

    Returns a customised PSObject(s) containing the suitability of the target computer(s) for Windows 7. Meets all the design points set out in event specification. Returned object also includes the results of each of the subsystem tests for more granular reporting.

  • get-SvcHost by spinlock 12 Apr 2011 10:57 PM UTC
    by 2 users

    Advanced Event 4

    Returns an object of the services running under service host and the memory commitment of the hosting process ! Does what it says on the tin !

  • get-EventfromProvider by spinlock 12 Apr 2011 07:26 PM UTC
    by 2 users

    Advanced Event 3

    Collects events from the local computer, remote computers or all computers within the Active Directory. Allows users to select the age of the events returned, and the number of events for the providers. Run "get-help get-EventfromProvider -full" to get the complete help.

  • get-RunningService by spinlock 07 Apr 2011 12:38 AM UTC
    by 2 users

    Advanced Event 2

    Get a list of Running services, and their depedancies.

  • get-ProcessLoadedModule by spinlock 05 Apr 2011 09:20 AM UTC
    by 2 users

    Advanced Event 1

    This function outputs the DLL version for supplied executibles Uses WMI to interrogate a computer (by default the local computer) to determine what version of DLLs are in use