Scripts By Eddy Steenbergen

  • Advanced_2011_event10.ps1 by Eddy Steenbergen 21 Apr 2011 04:21 PM UTC
    by 2 users

    Advanced Event 10

    A bit like rewriting [IO.Path]::GetTempFileName() in powershell !?

  • Advanced_2011_event9.ps1 by Eddy Steenbergen 20 Apr 2011 02:20 PM UTC
    by 2 users

    Advanced Event 9

    Thought about the possiblity that the script might run as a scheduled task - wondered how the script could determine that. Would use WMI to determine currently logged on user in that case.

  • Advanced_2011_event8.ps1 by Eddy Steenbergen 19 Apr 2011 04:01 PM UTC
    by 2 users

    Advanced Event 8

    Took me into new WIndows territory - challenging.

  • Advanced_2011_event7.ps1 by Eddy Steenbergen 18 Apr 2011 01:41 PM UTC
    by 3 users

    Advanced Event 7

    Tweaked the solution to event 6 - chgd regex to include real names.

  • Advanced_2011_event6.ps1 by Eddy Steenbergen 14 Apr 2011 04:32 PM UTC
    by 2 users

    Advanced Event 6

    Opportunity to use regular expressions to pull apart the contents of a web page. Seemed straightforward. Testing highlighted some invalid urls in the web page :-)

  • Advanced_2011_event4.ps1 by Eddy Steenbergen 13 Apr 2011 02:35 PM UTC
    by 2 users

    Advanced Event 4

    Tried using threads property returned by get-process but don't know how to use its values - look forward to seeing if anyone else worked out how to. BUT found a simple algorithm (so simple I suspect I've missed something obvious :-) Also provided options for automatic print and return of results in collection of objects.

  • Advanced_2011_event3.ps1 by Eddy Steenbergen 12 Apr 2011 04:05 PM UTC
    by 2 users

    Advanced Event 3

    Interesting how some logs are oldest-first and others newest-first.

  • Advanced_2011_event2.ps1 by Eddy Steenbergen 11 Apr 2011 12:24 PM UTC
    by 2 users

    Advanced Event 2

    Finally found a use for the -groupby option of format-table. Single pass over services on computer collecting data then data processed for output.

  • Advanced_2011_event1_submitted.ps1 by Eddy Steenbergen 10 Apr 2011 03:15 PM UTC
    by 2 users

    Advanced Event 1